Munich, Germany

October 9-10, 2023

SISE 2023 HYBRID CONFERENCE - Travel and Accommodation

Conference Venue

The Society for Industrial and Systems Engineering will be holding its breakout sessions at the Lindenkeller in Freising, Germany.


There are various options for our attendees to stay in the neighboring areas.

ACHAT Hotel Corbin München Airport in Freising

Hotel Gasthof Lerner in Freising

Pension Pflüger in Freising (present)

Pension Pflüger in Freising (mid-1900s)

Bayerischer Hof


Freising is a city in Bavaria, 40km (25 mi) North of Munich. Freising is known as the historical center of the Catholic Church in Bavaria and as the location of the world's oldest continuously operating brewery. The campus of Munich University located in Freising offers the world's only regular university course for brewery, including post graduate research into chemistry and biology of beer brewing. Due to the faculties large international undergraduate and post graduate student body, most master brewers in the world's major breweries have a professional or educational relationship to Freising. Freising is the closest place of touristic interest to Munich Airport.
Freising is the closest town to Munich airport allowing for a quick visit during a 3h stopover. For a visit to downtown Munich a 5-6h stopover is required.

By plane
The city is easily reachable by plane via Munich Airport (MUC) which in fact is located on Freising's territory. Munich Airport is the 7th busiest in Europe and has international connections to most major cities in Europe and also sees a lot of intercontinental flights. There are regional trains and the regional bus 635 connecting the airport to the city.

By Taxi from MUC Freising is a 15min/25€ Taxi ride from Munich airport.

By Train Freising is part of Greater Munich's public transportation network MVV. Regional trains, S-Bahn, buses and Munich U-Bahn and tram are all part of the same ticketing network and system and you can transfer between all modes during the validity of your ticket. Fares for Munich's public transport network are the same for every mode of transport making it really easy to travel. See all the different ticket types here!
Freising station. Freising station is a major stop on the regional train line from Munich to Landshut and Regensburg. Virtually every train along that line stops in Freising, with the major benefit of a much faster speed, compared to the S-Bahn. The suburban train (S-Bahn) S1 leaves Munich Central Station every 20 min and needs approx. 45 min to reach Freising. Be aware that the S1 train is split before it reaches Freising and one half is going to the airport, so make sure you are in the right part.

By car Freising is well connected to the German autobahn network. The city has three exits - (5) Freising-Süd, (7) Freising-Mitte, (8) Freising-Ost - along autobahn A 92 from Munich to Landshut and Deggendorf in west-eastern direction, and one exit - (67) Allershausen - along autobahn A 9 from Munich to Nuremberg and Berlin in south-northern direction.

By bicycle The Isarradweg long-distance cycling route runs from Bavarian Alps to the Danube along the river Isar through the city.

Things to do