SISE 2017







Thursday 10/19/2017

9:15 am - 10:00 am

Keynote Speech: Neal Schmeidler, MSIE

Speech Title: "Real Life Stories from a Practicing Industrial Engineer"

10:15 am - 11:30 am

Session 1

Session 2

Systems Engineering - I

Human Factors & Ergonomics - I

11:30 am - 12:45 pm

Session 3

Session 4

Operations Research

Human Factors & Ergonomics - II

2:00 pm - 3:15 pm

Session 5

Session 6

Other IE Topics - I

IE Applications - I

3:30 pm - 4:45 pm

Session 7

Session 8

Other IE Topics - II

Systems Engineering - II

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

SISE 2017 Dinner Banquet and Awards

Friday 10/20/2017

9:00 am - 9:45 am

Plenary Speech: Robert L. Read, PhD

Speech Title: "Agility and Openness: Lessons from Government IT and Process Innovation during Obama’s Tech Surge"

10:00 am - 11:15 pm

Session 9

Session 10

IE Applications - II

Other IE Topics - III

11:30 am - 12:45 pm

Session 11

Session 12

Manufacturing Systems

Supply Chain Management

Session 1: Systems Engineering - I


Risk Management for National Defense: A Systems Thinking Approach
- PF Evangelista

An Extended Contract Net Protocol for Distributed Decision Mechanism in Collaborative Networks
- I Yilmaz and SW Yoon

Crash Analysis Using Artificial Neural Network and Decision Tree
- A Kasasbeh and R Shabbar

Modeling Food Security: A Distribution Approach
- A Akhmetov, S Musholt, B Quinn, K McDonald, and R Prins

Process Optimization in Real-Time
- A Lorenzoni, M Kempf, and S Aichele

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Session 2: Human Factors & Ergonomics - I


Physical Workload Assessment Using Chamoux Method Simulated at Workplace Environment Laboratory
- J Cuellar, C Solis, JM Hernandez, JA Chi, and JO Osoria

Acceptable Noise Levels for Typical Outdoor Leisure Activities {Part I}
- T Smith, A Moore, J Lee, D Klug, D Cole, D Parsons, and R Yearout

Acceptable Noise Levels for Typical Outdoor Leisure Activities {Part II}
- T Smith, A Moore, J Lee, D Klug, D Cole, D Parsons, and R Yearout

A Data Collection Noise Level Case Study Methodology for an Expert Witness
- A Chu, E Harvey, J Lee, D Parsons, C Bates, W Stevens, and R Yearout

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Session 3: Operations Research


Cost Minimization of an Academic Advisory Business Through Linear Programming
- IG González-Palomo, A Vargas-Moreno, AM García-León, EP Puente-Aguilar, AY Aguilar-Villarreal, and P Gómez-Fuentes

Optimization of Warehouse Storage Assignment Using Community Detection and Integer Programming
- H Dauod, I Lee, SH Chung, and SW Yoon

Improving Response Times in a Safety Emergency Response System Using Stochastic Simulation
- JH De La Cruz

Selecting Robotic Power Solutions: A Case Study of Stochastic Value Modeling
- V Mittal, E Lesinski, and A MacCalman

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Session 4: Human Factors & Ergonomics - II


Analysis of Factor Effect on Ground Reaction Force During Stair Climbing
- X Qian, BP Kattel, and S Lee

Identification of Inflammatory Biomarkers for the Prevention of Tendonitis Caused by Repetitive Manual Assembly Tasks
- D Conde, G Ibarra-Mejia, JS Moore, and K Browne

Analysis of the Exposure to Occupational Physical Factors for the Railroad Track Welder in Maintenance of Way
- GG Weames, GB Page, J Vanderpool, and S Fleming

Analysis of the Exposure to Occupational Physical Factors for the Railroad Track Section Maintainer in Maintenance of Way
- GG Weames, GB Page, S Fleming, and J Vanderpool

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Session 5: Other IE Topics - I


Trends in Manufacturing and Challenges for Industrial Engineering
- KZ Kaylani and N Nagarur

A Comparison of Three Empirical Methods for Concrete Penetration Depth by a High Speed Ogive Shaped Projectile
- BM Wade

A Design for Assembly Methodology Based on MTM standards
- A Desai

Concurrent Consideration of Assembly and Disassembly Using MTM Standards
- A Desai

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Session 6: IE Applications - I


The Application of Methods Engineering as a Tool of Analysis in the Electrical Industry
- MA Martínez, D Bacre, C Solis, J Cuellar, EE Abrego, D Pérez, CA Madrigal, AE Estrada, and LM González

Reducing Needle Stick Injuries at an Urgent Care Clinic Using DMAIC
- C Morales and DL Santos

Job Shop Resilience
- M Alquraish, SY Alghamdi, and KK Krishnan

Study of Case: A Model for Optimization in Less Than Truckload Distribution Networks
- E Carrum and P Perez

Cost Estimation Tool for Physical Improvement Projects at the University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez Campus
- JR Rodríguez-Colón, LT Silva-Jetter, and MI Méndez-Piñero

Computerized Platform to Evaluate Profitability of Small Businesses in Puerto Rico
- MI Méndez-Piñero, Y Hernández-Torres, E Santiago-García, and J Soto-Martínez

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Session 7: Other IE Topics - II


Weibull Stress/Strength Analysis with Non Constant Shape Parameter
- M Baro-Tijerinaa, MR Piña-Monarrez, and B Villa-Covarrubias

Weibull Accelerated Life Testing Analysis Using Expected Failure Times
- MR Piña-Monarrez and MA Rodriguez-Medina

Towards a More Welcoming Start for New International Students: Developing a Bus Service from NYC to Campus
- DL Santos, A Kasasbeh, and P Kulkarni

The Impact of an Industrial Engineering Capstone Project in the Development of Program Specific Student Outcomes
- J Hernández-Ramos, E González-Trejo, G Pedroza-Cantú, and R Mata-Martínez

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Session 8: Systems Engineering - II


Analysis of Pilot's Visual Scanning Characteristics under Normal and Extreme Flight Conditions
- S Naeeri and Z Kang

Efficiency and Distraction Evaluations of Motorcycle Mounted Infotainment System
- A Khamaj, RL Shehab, and Z Kang

The Impact of Indirect Contact with C. Diff Patients on C. Diff Infection Occurrence: Risk Factor Analysis and Predictive Modeling
- R Shabbar, B Azoulai, S Poranki, and M Khasawneh

Proactive Event Management Using ANN with PSO Prediction in Transport Processes
- R Shabbar and A Kasasbeh

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Session 9: IE Applications - II


Data Analysis of Early Detection and Clinical Stages of Breast Cancer in Libya
- H Saad and N Nagarur

Critical Success Factors of Continuous Improvement Tools in Service Industry
- KF Madrigal-Estrada, E Martínez-Gómez, V Torres-Arguelles, and E Beltrán-Salomón

Competitive Intelligence Practices in Mexico: A Meta-Analysis Study
- ER Poblano-Ojinaga, A Valles-Chávez, SA Noriega, and H García-Castellanos

Failure Factors in Lean Six Sigma Implementation in Healthcare
- H Elsayed and DL Santos

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Session 10: Other IE Topics - III


Mechanical Design using 2-D Mohr's Circle and the Weibull Distribution
- B Villa-Covarrubia, MR Piña-Monarrez, M Baro-Tijerina, and JA López-Rodríguez

Aerodynamic Turbines Analysis by Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis (CFD) with ANSYS Software
- S Dominguez Rueda, K Escamilla, and I Escamilla Salazar

FEM Analysis of a Low-Cost 3D Printed Tibial Prosthesis Model with ANSYS
- S Domínguez Rueda, I Escamilla Salazar, and B González-Ortiz

Reliability Analysis on European Cucumber Using a Temperature-Humidity Model
- MI Rodriguez-Borbon, MA Rodriguez Medina, A Alvarado Iniesta, and CP Lopez-Carlos

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Session 11: Manufacturing Systems


RCM Application on Aluminum Injection Molding Machine with Reduced Sample
- MA Fuentes-Huerta, DS González-González, M Cantú-Sifuentes, and RJ Praga-Alejo

RCM Implementation for Injection Molding Machine Considering a Small Sample
- MA Fuentes-Huerta, DS González-González, M Cantú-Sifuentes, and RJ Praga-Alejo

Analysis of Friction Steel Welding Process Considering Multiple Categorical Defects
- DS González-González, RJ Praga-Alejo, AF Miranda-Pérez, R Ojeda-Castañeda, JA Alonso-Martinez and JM Coronel-Muñoz

Comparison of Models to Program Reliability Centered Maintenance Activities of Injection Molding Machine
- D Cruz-Garcia, DS González-González, M Fuentes-Huerta, and RJ Praga-Alejo

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Session 12: Supply Chain Management


A Survey of ECDM Modeling Literature Based on Different Techniques
- J Leyva-Bravo, P Chiñas-Sánchez, and A Hernández-Rodríguez

Design of Multi-Echelon Supply Chain System to Optimize Cost and Service Levels with Supplier Selection
- Z Alsalem, V Maru, and KK Krishnan

Design Of Multi-Echelon Supply Chain Systems to Optimize Cost and Service Levels
- V Maru, Z Alsalem, and KK Krishnan

An Optimal Delivery Strategy for Multi-Perishable Products Through Supply Chain Network
- SY Alghamdi, M Alquraish, and KK Krishnan

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