Below you will find the dues associated with membership in SISE, a leading industrial and systems engineering organization. SISE provides publications, conferences, community, and many other benefits to members within their specialized areas. Pricing is effective for each calendar year. (January through December)

SISE currently offers two membership categories:

  • Full Membership ($75 per year): Access a variety of resources and an extensive world-wide network consisting of academicians, practitioners, researchers, and other peers from the industrial and systems engineering community that will contribute to your professional success throughout your career. As an SISE full member, you receive discounts to SISE annual world conference, workshops and training/seminars. SISE Full members will receive a special $75 discount towards the the Annual World Conference

  • Student Membership ($25 per year): Student membership in SISE will make you ready for your professional future -researcher/practitioner/academician - post college career. Students will have access to our worldwide membership of professionals by connecting them with the best in the field. Student members must be enrolled as a full-time student as defined by their university or college, and are entitled to all the benefits of full members. They will also be eligible for discounts to register for the society’s annual world conference and eligible to take part in the annual world conference best paper competition. SISE Student members will receive a special $25 discount towards the Annual World Conference.

  • Membership Type Society Dues
    Full Membership
    Student Membership

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