International Conference on Industrial Engineering

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  "The Liberal Arts and an Industrial Engineering Education"
Plenary by Ximena Cordova
P1 Improving Freight Movement: Location of Urban Transfer Centers for the Historic Center in the City of Quito
- Carolina Chavez and Francisco Calero
P2 The Use of Mixolab to Predict the Quality of Wheat Flour Partially Substituted by Soursop Residues Flour for Bread Production through a Process Mixture Design
- Annel Saavedra, Dominique Almendariz, and Danny Navarrete
P3 Using Comparative Cost Model to Optimize the Production Decisions in a Food Factory
- Santiago Najera and Paola Herrera
P4 Quality Control Techniques Utilized to Reduce Nonconformities in Warehouse Management Software
- Umesh Rajpure and Daryl Santos
P5 Sustainability Performance in Food Supply Chains
- Veronica Leon Bravo
P6 The Effect of Customer Satisfaction Surveys on Attach Rate in a B2B Environment
- Samar Al-Hihi and Daryl Santos
P7 Stochastic Risk Cost Benefit Analysis Aligned to Asset Management Strategy: How to Maximize Profitability in the Life Cycle in Power Generation Systems in the Oil and Gas Industry
- Luis Alberto Tilleria
P8 Application of the Lean Six Sigma Methodology in the Dairy Industry: Case Study in the Manufacture of Fresh Cheeses, Mozzarella Cheese, and Butter
- Gabriela Serrano, Fausto Ruiz, and Danny Navarrete
P9 Mathematical Model to Optimize the Scheduling of Animal Harvesting in Livestock Production
- Washington Rodriguez and Santiago Najera
P10 Latin American Schoolchildren Anthropometry: Study of the Anthropometric Differences of the Rural and Urban Zones in Cotopaxi, Ecuador
- Wendy Velasco and Cristina Camacho
P11 Routes, Frequency and Stop Nodes Reconfiguration for Urban Buses on a Square Kilometer in Bogota City through Mathematical Modeling
- Jainet Orlando Bernal, Daniel Stevenson Grass, José Gregorio Gutiérrez, and Lizeth Nayive López
P12 Traditional Photogrammetry with Low Cost Scanners for Anthropometry
- Pablo Davila, Esteban Carrera, and Oswaldo Jara td>
  "The Constraints of Applying Ergonomic Guidelines in Latin America"
Plenary by Jeffrey Fernandez
  "Promoting Ergonomics and Human Factors in Ecuador"
Workshop by Margaret Graf
P13 Productivity Improvement in the Quinoa Snack Production Line for Cereal Processing Company
- Natalia Montalvo and Erik Guerron
P14 Model to Ensure Suppliers Development in Large Manufacturing Companies: A Continuous Improvement Approach
- Juan Carlos Llivisaca Villazhañay and Nancy Aceves Campos
P15 Predictive Maintenance of Bearings Through IoT and Cloud-Based Systems
- Nicolas Meier, Andres Sanchez, and Anthimos Georgiadis
P16 Challenges of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Industry: An Analysis Towards New Technologies and Productivity
- Dorian Oswaldo Mora Sanchez
P17 A Method for Application of Lean Techniques and Queuing Theory in Food Services
- Jonnatan Aviles-González and Sonia Avilés-Sacoto
P18 Possible Application of Six Sigma Methodology for the Comparison of Medical Products
- Cristina Padilla
P19 Lean Manufacturing Implementation in Management of Residues in Recycling Industry
- Mercedes Estefania Perez Naranjo and Sonia Valeria Aviles Sacoto
P20 Quality Systems Certification in Ecuador: ISO 9001 Standard Analysis
- Juan Manuel Maldonado Matute and María José González Calle
  "Occupational Muscle Fatigue: The Legs and a Pain in the Neck"
Plenary by Bernard Martin
P21 Systematic Review of the Stable Matching Problem
- Rodrigo Rigoberto Moreno, Mario Gerardo Moreno, and Simón Rodrigo Moreno
P22 Applied Statistics in a New Product Development: A Pedal-Powered Washing Machine Design for People with Scarce Resources
- Annel Saavedra, Carolina Chavez, Alejandra Mafla, Carolina Cabezas, and Danny Navarrete
P23 The Art of Linear Programming for a Healthy and Economical Diet
- Juan Carlos Letechi Morán, Isabel Alcívar, and María José Mendieta
P24 Management of Energy Systems Research Projects
- Boris German
P25 Application of a Mobile Facility Routing Problem in a Delivery Company
- Martin Salvador, Galo Mosquera, and Sonia Valeria Avilés-Sacoto
P26 Proposed Tactical Model for the Implementation of Industry 4.0 for the Generation of Competitive Advantage in Ecuadorian SMEs
- Marcelo Aragón
P27 A Real Case Study Describing a Methodology for Selection of Computing Production Scheduling Approach in a Factory with Combined Production Schemes of Flexible Job Shop Within Semi-Independent Production Lines in Low Systemized and Digitalized Environment
- Paúl Alejandro Rivera and Tania Elizabeth Lastra
P28 Physiological Effects of Standing Work on Edema and Muscle Fatigue: A Field Study Using Compression Socks
- María Gloria Román, Andrea Dávila, and María-Gabriela García
P29 Remanufacturing of Oil & Gas Components: The Benefits in a Circular Economy
- Javier Miranda, Lorena Bejarano, and Alfredo Valarezo
P30 Analysis of Solar Radiation Through the Use of a UV Meter: Sample Data in Critical Points in the City of Ambato
- Carlos Corrales and Wasington Amancha
P31 Mobile Warehouses: Forecast and Inventory Management Methodology
- Daniel Baquero, Galo Eduardo Mosquera, and Sonia Valeria Avilés-Sacoto
P32 Challenges of Ergonomics in Ecuador
- Esteban Carrera, Oswaldo Jara, and Pablo Dávila
  "Role of Industrial Engineers in Improving Healthcare Quality and Delivery"
Plenary by Anand Subramanian
  "Occupational Ergonomics: Problem Identification and Practical Solutions"

Workshop by Jeffrey Fernandez & Anand Subramanian

P33 Micro Management of the Supply Chain: Analysis of Micro and Small Companies in the Metal-Mechanic Sector in Pichincha – Ecuador
- Paola Alarcón, Daniel Barreno, and Carlos Suarez
P34 Problem Solving Throughout Kaizen Event Implementation: Study in a Wood Industry
- Pablo Burneo
P35 Freight Trip Generation Modeling and Data Collection Processes in Latin American Cities - Modelling Framework for Quito and Generalization Issues
- Bernardo Puente-Mejia, Laura Palacios-Argüello, Carlos Suarez-Núñez, and Jesus Gonzalez-Feliu
P36 Strategies for Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) Production by Mixed Culture Using Cheese Whey as Substrate
- Rolando Calero Mendoza
P37 Business Model as a Tool for Supply Chain Horizontal Collaboration
- Georgina Elizabeth Riosvelasco Monroy and Iván Juan Carlos Pérez Olguín
P38 Critical Success Factors for ERP Implementation in SMEs: A Systematic Review
- Roberto Bernal, Diana Jadán, Erik Sigcha, Eliezer Colina, Ximena Álvarez, Paola Vintimilla, Rodrigo Guamán, Juan Llivisaca, Mario Peña, Michelle Cabrera, and Lorena Siguenza-Guzman
P39 Optimization of Resources in the Supply Chain through Additive Manufacturing
- Marcelo Aragón
P40 A New Distribution Strategy for Psychotropic and Cold Chain Products in a Pharmaceutical Company
- Galo Mosquera
  SISE Overview
By Jeffrey Fernandez & Daryl Santos
  "Insights from an Optimization-Based Approach for Redesigning the Global Vaccine Market"
Plenary by Ruben Proaño
P41 Operative Pre-Diagnostic Analysis of Services Business, Under Lean and TOC Perspective: A Case Study
- José Cordero, Fernando Ottati, Jamila Fernández, Carolina Neira, Dayra Vásquez, and Mario Valdéz
P42 Critical Success Factors for the Implementation of Industry 4.0 in the Ecuadorian Industry
- Nancy Velasquez, Elsa Estevez, and Patricia Pesado
P43 Propose of Pre-Diagnostic for a Textile Factory: An Application
- Pedro Mogrovejo, Verónica Guillén, Sebastián Íñiguez, Juan Benítez, Belén Paredes, and Isabel Izquierdo
P44 Challenges and Opportunities of Security in Industry 4.0
- Nancy Velasquez, Elsa Estevez, and Patricia Pesado
P45 Artificial neural networks for demand forecastingArtificial Neural Networks for Demand Forecasting
- Delio Patiño and Leandro Lorente
P46 Costing of the Solid Waste Collection Service of Ibarra City
- Estiwar Guachamín, Israel Herrera, Andrés Coral, Wiliam Lechón, and Winston Oviedo
P47 Expiration Management Model of Supermarket Products for Companies in Gualaceo: A Case Study "La Tienda de mi Pueblo"
- Paúl Muy
P48 Efficiency Depends on our Mind
- Víctor Galarza
P49 Formula 1 Criteria Applied to Productivity
- Leonidas Cazares
P50 Psychosocial Factors and Their Effects on the Health and Performance of the Workers of a Floricola Company
- Medardo Ulloa

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