2022 Annual General Donald R. Keith Memorial Capstone Conference


The Society for Industrial and Systems Engineering (SISE), established in 2012, is a Non-Profit Organization under 503(c)(3). SISE sponsors an annual conference (World Conference of the Society for Industrial and Systems Engineering) and publishes Industrial and Systems Engineering Review (ISER) - an online journal. The goal for ISER is to publish one issue every quarter. The Aim and Scope/Topics of ISER are described below.


Industrial and Systems Engineering Review (ISER) is an online journal aimed at the advancement of industrial and systems engineering theory and practice as applied to any enterprise system. We seek to publish review articles, regular research papers containing new theoretical foundations, case studies, as well as manuscripts describing novel applications of existing techniques to new problem domains. Presently, all users have open access to all the journal articles.

Scope/Topics of Interest

ISER encourages submissions related to any enterprise system, whether it is manufacturing, service, healthcare, or other, in topic areas related, but not restricted to the following categories:

. Engineering Economics / Cost Estimation
. Engineering Management / Organizational Behavior
. Facility Location / Plant Layout
. General Systems Theory
. Human Factors / Ergonomics / Safety
. Innovation / Entrepreneurship
. Optimization and Operations Research
. Production Schedule and Control
. Quality
. Reliability
. Simulation
. Supply Chain Management
. Work Measurement

Daryl L. Santos, PhD
Professor - Systems Science and Industrial Engineering Department
Assistant Director - Watson Institute for Systems Excellence
Binghamton University
Binghamton, NY 13902-6000
Anand Subramanian, PhD, CPE, CSSBB
JFAssociates, Inc.,
Chantilly, VA 20152
Email: anands@jfa-inc.com
COL Paul Evangelista, PhD, PE
Director, Engineering Management Program
Department of Systems Engineering, USMA,
West Point, NY
Email: paul.evangelista@westpoint.edu